Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Belly Project

My brother Matt really likes the new blog. "Fantastic," I think he called it. He also urged me to add photos "of your belly."

Right. Come for the mediocre writing, stay for the scary pictures of a bloated, distended, potato-white belly! Whoo-hoo! Maybe it's because at this stage in the game my belly is so easily confused with spending too much time at the buffet that I balk, but I doubt there will ever be belly photos. Unless my brother Matt volunteers a picture of his own damn belly.

We could do cool updates and everything- Matt's belly, 16 weeks: Whoa, looking a little beery there, pal! Matt's belly, 28 weeks: Lay off the pizza, dude! Matt's belly, 40 weeks: Ahoy matey! Thar she blows!

It'd be brilliant.


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