Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I Know What the Rooms Look Like Now

How does a night that starts with great Thai food and Waiting for Guffman on television end so badly? Well, leave it to me and my bad luck, we're sure to find a way to ruin things!

My mom and I were hanging out on Friday, doing all of the above, when I began to feel more miserable than I usually do in the evenings. There was a lot of abdomen tightening, cramping, shortness of breath, all kinds of fun stuff.

When I finally took to lying over a chair belly first with my forehead pressed against the window, my mom politely suggested that I call the doctor to make sure all was well. So I did, and I was reassured that everything was probably okay, but I should get myself to L&D to be monitored for awhile, anyway.

No one can tell me that baby A, grandma and I don't know how to whoop it up on a Friday night, that is for sure!

The Labor and Delivery wing of the hospital where this kid will be born is really nice. The nurses were really nice. They didn't mind that I bothered them for NO REASON late on a Friday night at all. 1 hour on the monitor and a cervical check later, we were headed home, safe in the knowledge that all is well, and I am indeed hysterical and prone to panic needlessly.

I know it's better to be safe than sorry, I really do. It is also embarrassing. Here's to the first of many embarrassing parental moments. Bring 'em on.


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