Monday, April 04, 2005

I Should Have Known


I have become obsessed-- offically obsessed with baby stuff. I shouldn't have even started trolling the internet for cute clothes, because of course I now have bigger fish to fry.

Nursery sized fish.

It is an unfortunate aspect of my personality that I don't like to wait for things. I come up with a concept and want it to be realized, immediately. So when I saw a picture of what I think is the perfect nursery yesterday, the torture began. I won't rest, I won't be happy, I won't even be a little bit comfortable until it is all done. The cleaning, the painting, the purchasing and assembling... I NEED IT TO BE DONE NOW OR I MAY DIE.

Mature attitude, isn't it? The rest of you should be glad that you don't live with me, and you should spend this time feeling sorry for T. Poor T.

Anyway, of course it won't be done, and of course I looked ridiculous at Babies 'R Us yesterday, the least pregnant woman there- shopping for baby-related items. So for calming purposes in the long time that will lapse between now and Done, I have Created A File.

Creating A File is soothing to us Type A-er's. I can add to it, look over it, label and re-label, and hope that it will act as a band-aid for my tortured soul.

Crap. I type sentences like that and wonder if my kid is doomed merely by virtue of having me as a parent.


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