Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Persistence Pays Off So Eat Shit and Die, Target

You'd never believe me if I told you that a man named Welby MD restored my faith in humanity today, would you?

It's totally true.

See, not so long ago I found a picture in some baby magazine of the cutest nursery ever, and I decided that I had to have a nursery JUST LIKE IT, except for the part where it cost one billion dollars. So, I started to do some research, and fell in love with this crib and all of the related items. I loved the way it looked, I loved that it was JPMA certified, and I loved the way it did not cost one billion dollars.

Fast forward to this week, when I decided it was time to get this crib and a few of the related items into our home. Hah! Said the gods of Target. This crib and most/all of the g.d. related items are no longer available in stores in my area. Which is fine, according to the g.d. gods of Target, because you can order them online! Except- if you order them online, you pay the cost, and $162.90 PER FRIGGIN' PIECE TO HAVE THEM SHIPPED. So what would have cost less than one billion dollars ends up being damn near one billion dollars because Target grabs you by the short hair and PULLS.


Also, it is really fun to call every Target store in the state to see if this g.d. crib is in stock and end up being abused over the telephone. I mean, I hear you retail workers- your job sucks! I speak from experience! My brother Matt and I worked together at Venture for a looong time and customers were mean! So I am full of LOVE for the retail worker. LOVE. Stop being so NOT NICE on the phone.

After an entire evening dedicated to cribsearch 2005, I decided to call the maker of the elusive crib that I loved even more now because it was playing so hard to get. They were so nice to me as I ranted and raved about how I hoped they would pick someone else to exclusively retail their crib sets in the future, since Target wasn't all that great at the retailing, if you asked me. Angela, the patient and wise associate that I spoke to at Bassettbaby told me to try and call these folks, as they might be able to help me order some Bassettbaby stuff without having to give the gods of Target one billion extra dollars.

So I did, and they will! I told a nice man named Welby my whole sad tale of woe including Target, mean people, first babies and my own personal theories on bait and switch tactics. He listened, he told me he wanted my money more than Target, and went about making it so. He totally delivered, too. He got me the crib and two of the related items for THE SAME PRICE AS TARGET, promised delivery and ASSEMBLY for less than the shipping costs at Target, and basically insured that we will name our child after him.

Little Welby MD Mylastname is going to have the coolest room ever. Despite Target's best intentions.

So, bite me, Target.


Blogger Nancy said...

Hey, Kelly - I'm thinking maybe Welby MD just wanted to get your credit card number....... :)

8:22 AM  
Blogger Claire...the Ann Arbor Hippie said...


I just spit water on my keyboard!

Thank you for the laugh!!!

1:51 PM  

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