Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Holiday Weekend

It's been a very exciting holiday weekend. First, I had to go to Labor & Delivery again. I was having closely spaced contractions but am still okay. I hope that remains the case for the next 14.5 weeks. I have an appointment tomorrow that better contain nothing but good news OR ELSE.

I learned how close I came to losing a good friend. I feel badly about it, and she'll be pissed that I am talking about it on my blog again, but I never said I wasn't a chickenshit. Her husband is a good dresser, for the record. In fact, ALL OF MY FRIENDS HAVE HUSBANDS WHO ARE GOOD DRESSERS, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE.

I offended another friend. Just for the sport of it, it would seem.

Baby A's room is almost finished. We lined the dresser drawers and washed some of his laundry and put it away. I will have to wash it again, because I can't stop opening the drawers and looking at the teeny things he will wear, and putting my nose all up in them.

I need him to be okay in my obviously unreliable uterus. I need him to be okay, and come home, and grow up nicely and become a very well adjusted man. I need those things to happen to the point of distraction. Being distracted by those things has sometimes drawn my focus from other, important life duties.

Like being a good friend, wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, in-law, niece, neighbor and co-worker. I'm not proud of this, I'm not expecting it to be excused. However, it is a fact, and I'll keep saying it.

I hope that we all come out of the tornado that has been my pregnancy intact.

And well dressed.


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