Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Sprained Ankle Series

Johnny sprained his ankle yesterday.

Here he is sporting a big ol' ace wrap and a smile:

We are doing ice and elevation, tylenol and fervent prayer that there are no breaks to his growth plate. I guess that wouldn't become apparent for 10 days or so. Meanwhile, I am reminding myself that his mobility really changed life in a good, good way. It is hard work to carry him around all day.

Not that he WANTS me to carry him, that I have to pisses him off, really. He hasn't figured out a way to get himself around without hitting a sore spot on the ankle, and it obviously hurts a great deal. It would be funny to watch him try to scootch around if it didn't cause him such pain and frustration. I'm glad it isn't broken, and that he didn't fall in a way that would have caused some other, scarier injury- but it still bites, let's be honest. When we got home from the ER last night, I totally thought he'd wake up and be fine this morning. HAH! He didn't. Do I think he will be magically fine tomorrow morning? Why yes, I do.

SHUT UP. It's called survival. There are only so many books we can read , leap pad buttons we can push, and shows we can sit around and watch. My boy likes to run around. This is hard on him.

A blip, but a hard one. Wish us luck.


Blogger Nancy said...

Poor Johnny! Poor Kelly! Poor T!
I'm sorry everyone is suffering. All that pain and he's still smiling in the picture - what a champ! Give him a big kiss from Nanna.

6:34 AM  
Blogger Lynne said...

Bummer! Limited mobility is Really hard for a kid- I am saying a prayer that it will be brief.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He needs a non-puking virus. Maybe a nice fever/headache combo to knock him out for a few days? Can you go scrape some gum off the tables at McDonald's to have him chew? Really, that's my recommendation. Get him sick so he wont' want to move around.

Seriously though, poor guy & poor you! Whew! Sending healing & coping vibes!

How did it happen?

Love & Margaritas,

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I almost wonder if he did this on purpose so he could watch the "Polar Express". He is a brave little guy and he is lucky to have such great parents and family. If there is a bright side, he will be able to run around just about the time we get some more warm weather..
-Uncle Tim

12:24 PM  

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