Friday, January 25, 2008


Here is a not at all posed block tower fiasco for your viewing pleasure.
I'm so bummed out. I have let all my old, toxicish cleaning supplies run out so I could switch to the non-toxic, planet friendlier Method line. I was so excited to clean everything yesterday, using rags instead of paper towels, mops instead of Swiffers. It was cleaning taken to a whole new level- cleaning that would make the world better, too! Yayyyy, cleaning!

But here's the thing. I MISS my pine-fresh poison. It works better, and makes everything shiny and pretty. It allows me to walk into a room and be ASSAULTED by the ammonia freshness of it all. I am not going to rush out and buy the old stuff, I'm going to try and get used to the stuff that I now have. But I'm making the change kicking and screaming, and with not-so-shiny floors, countertops and bathrooms. I'd consider breaking in to my neighbors houses to get a sniff fix off of their Pine-Sol or Windex, but they use the crappy Method stuff, too.
Man, Kermit the Frog had it so right.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That tower rocks!

okay, I really really think there are GOOD natural products and crappy natural products. Method would fall under the crappy. You should just get a Frontier Coop account and order stuff for cheaper than Method that are green. It costs $10 for your whole life's membership, but if you decide to leave, they'll give you back the $10. It's pretty easy to use & they have yummy stuff for wholesale.

If you miss pine & lemon scent, you can just put essential oils into a non-scented natural brand. I think I have some lemon. I can send it to you if you really miss lemon!

Love to you!

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Claire!! Kel your house always looks great and it isn't easy being green but it's worth it unless the spy satellite obliterates Itasca soon and what's the point. Love, Mom

3:41 PM  
Blogger Lynne said...

OK Claire- I went to the Frontier Coop website
( and I must be missing something because I don't see cleaning stuff. Although I do see a lot of other great stuff.
BTW, I don't even know if I've met you. I'm Kelly's favorite aunt! (right Kel?)

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Lynne! I think we have met before, but it was a while ago... at her wedding, I think?

Okay, get ready for a blog hijacking...

If you use this link:

The the username & password are both my last name. (ask Kelly)

I don't mean to turn all these comments into raves for Frontier, I've just been really happy with it. $10 and you never have to buy anything if you don't want to! You could use my account if you want to before you decide if you would use an account of your own.

The catch - to get free shipping, your total order has to be $250 or more (I just send out an e-mail to friends/family a few weeks before the order & have that FAST... once people pay wholesale... they don't want to go back!). Otherwise, if you just get a bit of light things, it's like $6 shipping.

This is their complete list of products ALL at wholesale prices & often on sale for even less than wholesale:
Their brands:
Aura Cacia
Frontier Spices, Bulk
Simply Organic
Other brands:
• Action Labs
• Air Scense
• Alacer
• Alba Botanica
• All One
• All Terrain
• AlphaBetic
• Alpsnack
• Ambassador Hairbrushes
• American Health
• Amerifit
• Ancient Secrets
• Animals' Apawthecary
• Ark Naturals
• Arkopharma
• Aroma Naturals
• Aromatherapy Accessories
• Aunt Bee's Skin Care
• Auromere
• Aurora Henna
• Auroshikha Incense
• Avalon Organics
• Axel Kraft
• Ayurceutics

• Baby's Bliss
• Bach Flower Remedies
• Bee & Flower Soaps
• Bellmira
• Bioforce
• Blue Pearl
• Blue Q
• Body Crystal of California
• Body Rescue
• BodyCoffee
• Boericke & Tafel - Homeopathic Remedies
• Boiron
• Breath-A-Licious
• BreathAsure
• Brooks
• BumbleBar Organic Energy
• Burt's Bees

• CamoCare
• Canus Goat's Milk Skin Care
• Celestial Seasonings
• Chandrika
• Charantea
• Citra Solv
• Citrus Magic
• Clearly Natural Products
• Common Sense
• Country Comfort
• Culinary Accessories
• CycleBeads
• Cyclone Cider
• Cylinder Works

• Dancing Paws
• Deep Steep New!
• Deodorant Stones of America
• Derma E
• Desert Essence
• DivaCup
• Dr. Bronner
• Dr. Bronner's & Sun Dog's Magi New!
• Dr. Goodpet
• Dr. Ken's
• Dr. Tung's
• Dresdner Essenz

• Earth Friendly Products
• Earth Solutions
• Earth Therapeutics
• Earthrise
• Ecco Bella
• Eco Bags
• Eco Lips
• Eco Teas
• Eco-DenT
• Ecolution
• Ecover
• Emerita
• eo
• EO
• Equal Exchange
• Equinox Botanicals

• Flaxelle
• FoodScience Laboratories
• Fuchs Toothbrushes

• Gaia Herbs
• Gehwol
• Get REAL New!
• Giovanni
• GladRags
• Golden Eagle Herbal Chew
• Grandpa Soap Co.
• Great Eastern Sun
• Green Foods
• Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
• Guayaki Yerba Maté

• Handy Pantry
• Hankettes
• Hawaiian Henna
• Head New!
• Health from the Sun
• Heel
• Herb & Spice Accessories
• Herbal Glo
• HerbalVedic
• Herbatint
• Herbs for Kids
• Heritage Store
• Hero Nutritional Products
• Herpanacine
• Home Health
• Honey Candle Co.
• Honey Jewels
• Honeybee Gardens
• Howlin' Gourmet
• Hugger Mugger Yoga Products
• Humphreys
• Hyland's

• Imperial Elixir
• ineeka

• Jade & Pearl
• Jason Natural Cosmetics
• Joy of Health
• Just Choice New!

• Kappus Soaps
• Kendy
• KGP Brand
• Kiss My Face
• Kwai

• Lavaggio Prima
• Lick Your Chops
• Life Tree Products
• Life-Flo Health Care Products
• Light Mountain
• Lily of the Desert
• Longjiang River
• Lotte Ginseng Gum

• Maggie's Functional Organics
• MagneLyfe
• Maguey Weaves
• Marine Biotherapies
• Mate Factor
• Merry Hempsters
• Mommy's Bliss
• Monin
• Montana Big Sky
• Moom
• Morning Glory Collective
• Mountain Ocean

• Nanak's
• Native Visions
• Natra-Bio
• Natracare
• Natrol
• Natural Journeys
• Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal
• Nature de France
• Nature's Answer
• Nature's Gate
• Nature's Herbs
• NatureWorks
• NeemAura Naturals
• Nelsons Homeopathy
• Neti Pot
• New England Natural
• New World Music
• Newman's Own Organics
• Novogen
• Nutiva
• Nutrition Now
• Nylabone Products

• Odwalla
• Olbas
• Organic Bath Co.
• Organic Essentials

• Parissa
• Peelu Co.
• Perfect Oxygenated Essentials
• Pet Aromatics
• Pet Naturals
• Pixie Mate
• Pomology New!
• Pondicherry Natural Incense
• Prince of Peace
• Progressive Research Labs
• Publications
• Pure & Basic
• Pureline Oralcare
• PureTouch Skin Care

• Quantum
• Queen Helene

• Rachel Perry
• Radius
• Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems
• Reviva Labs New!
• Ricola
• Root to Health
• Royal Tropics

• Sage Spirit
• Sai Baba Nag Champa
• Schiff
• Seventh Generation
• Shadow Lake, Inc.
• Shaman Earthly Organics
• Shave Deluxe
• ShiKai
• Smile Brite
• St. Claire's Organic Sweets
• Stash Tea
• Suncoat
• Swiss Medica
• Sympathical Formulas

• Tact Beauty Care
• Teeccino
• Thayers
• The Natural Relaxer
• Thompson Nutritional Products
• Tiger Balm
• Tiger's Milk Nutrition Bars
• Tom's of Maine
• Traditional Medicinals
• Turtle Island
• TwinLab

• Un-Petroleum

• Vicco
• VirMax
• VitaMinder
• VitaPur

• Weleda
• Well in Hand Herbals
• Wellements
• White Flower
• WiseWays Herbals
• Wrapsacks

• Yakshi Fragrances
• Yogi Tea
• Your Crown and Glory
• Yummy Earth

• Zand
• Zhena's Gypsy Tea

- Claire

2:57 PM  
Blogger Lynne said...


You're fantastic - thanks!

12:44 PM  
Blogger Lynne said...

And Thanks to you Kel for providing the forum!

12:45 PM  

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