Friday, February 22, 2008

Utter Devastation

Oh. It physically hurts me to even tell this story

We recently made some upgrades to our little old computer- more memory and an external hardrive. Now, I'm not the most savvy PC user in the world. I didn't copy my files the the EHD, I moved them all there. All the pictures, the video, the audio. All the resumes, booklists, address labels. All of it.

Less than a month after these upgrades, the EHD exploded. All the moved data is gone.


I know that they are just things. I am trying to keep a clear perspective on the importance of JUST THINGS.

More upsetting than the loss of these things, is the total injustice regarding the replacement of the EHD and the data recovery process. Let me tell you, it is apparently really ridiculous of me to expect either. Certainly not for free, anyway.

So, I spend a lot of money, lose all my data, and have NO RECOMPENSE.

That makes my head very hurty.


Blogger Nancy said...

Gah. Ugh. How awful, and I'm sorry. I think you should name the manufacturer so we can NOT buy their products. I had bought a new laptop 6 weeks before Dave went to Spain, let him take it, and it completely and totally died 2 months into his study abroad program. HP's answer? "Get it fixed in Spain and pay for it, and if it was a problem that should have been covered under warranty, we will reimburse you. Oh, you don't like that? Then ship it home! We'll take a look at it, and if it's under warranty, we will fix it." Good answer. Considering it cost me $30 to send him cookies for his birthday, what does shipping a laptop to the US cost? I don't think so. Anyway, he did without for the last several weeks (which is so totally why I BOUGHT A NEW LAPTOP, SO HE COULD DO WITHOUT ahem, sorry..) When he brought it home HP found that it was in fact a bad motherboard, warranty covered it. Altogether horrible customer service. I think the only recourse we have is that you can PASS THE WORD on who supports and doesn't support their products.
O.K., I'm done.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember losing pictures and Christmas ornaments in the flood of 87, ornaments which had been collected yearly since you and Matt were born. But like you said, it's just stuff. Precious stuff nevetheless. Well, I'm fastering so I'll see you later. I want to watch Backyardigans.
Love, Mom

1:33 AM  

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