Friday, August 22, 2008

Hello, Slacker!

What? I've been really busy.
The Boy:
Turned three! What the hell? Why does it go so fast? I can't believe how big-boy he is, how smart he is, how funny, etc. He can be counted on to go pee-pee in the potty at least 35% of the time, which is.... um, great. (Zen, I am zen). This summer, he went to a day camp program dubbed "big-boy school," and he loved it. In fact, I don't know which one of us loved it more, but everybody won, all summer long. He is starting pre-preschool on September 8, and he'll be going three days a week. Hopefully the fall routine will be as big a success as the summer one was.

The Author:
No complaints, here. I was able to work out with my old trainer this summer while John was at school which was so good for me. I'm trying to get healthier- I had a little wake-up call this spring in the form of an elevated cholesterol. With my genetic factor there is no way I'll be able to continue abusing food and drink the way I have without real consequences, so I'm really trying to rein it all in. I'm also trying to like it. It can't be temporary for me anymore, so I may as well find a real, workable way to eat. I still have my crazy job, though I'm not loving it quite as much. The store I started in was closed, so I transferred to a new one. It hasn't been long, and I usually hate all change, so maybe I'll love it again soon. I hope I do.

The Life:
All good. We've done so much stuff this summer! We lived at the pool, hit all the local outdoor attractions, saw some baseball games, (not the Cubbies, we're saving that for next summer), took a little city vacation. We're so lucky!


Blogger mama said...

Welcome back!

You look fantastic (and so much like Weez).

Keep up the great work, all of you :)

Love you~

10:00 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Love the fireworks picture!! Glad you're back blogging again (in your spare time ha!)

12:27 PM  

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