Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Two! Two!

I have been meaning to post about Johnny's second birthday for a few days. If to say nothing else but that it always SEEMS like a good idea to turn two. He's sick. Has been since yesterday, and yesterday was like, two thousand years ago, man.

So, his strep throat quick culture came back positive, but the pediatrician would like the regular culture to confirm this before starting antibiotics. Someday I'm sure I'll thank him and his cautious ways, but NOT TODAY. Today, we are enduring Johnny's marathon freak-outs when any pain relief wears off because hey- strep throat HURTS, and probably REQUIRES ANTIBIOTICS.

Other than this major bummer, two has been great so far. His party was moved from our backyard to a nearby pizza joint at the last minute because going outside is like wearing a wet blanket that you accidentally set on fire. From now on, all of our parties will be held at said pizza joint and maybe all of the major holidays because not cleaning my house before or after a party is brilliant, why didn't I think of it a long time ago? Here we are, basking in our collective brilliance:
Neither of my boys are very fond of the whole present-opening thang. Too many eyes on them.

Gamma + Johnny= BFF
Honestly, despite strep and freak-outs and whether I have to clean the house or not- this has been the best two years of my life thus far. Happy birthday, stinky butt. Here's to many, many more.


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