Monday, June 27, 2005

5 Days In

Yikes, bedrest is boring.

It's fun to joke about, and people love to tell me how jealous they are, or how I'll wonder why I didn't enjoy this time more after the baby comes.

They must hate me, or want me to hit them or something.

I have spent the past 5 days realizing how I take my whole life for granted, and how laundry and housework and GETTING UP AND WALKING AROUND, NOT TO MENTION EATING WHILE SITTING UP INSTEAD OF PROPPED UP ON MY SIDE are awesome things that I should be grateful to do. I have instructed those closest to me that should I ever recall bedrest fondly, I'm to be punched, hard.

So, it isn't the most fun, and you probably want to read about it even less than I want to write about it.

What is fun, and what makes me grateful is how wonderful my baby shower was yesterday. My doc allowed me to go, provided I behaved and drank lots of water. If she would have told me I could only go if I set my underwear on fire while wearing them on my head, I would have done that, too.

It was so nice, with most of the people I love best all in the same room. There was awesome food, great company, and when I think about all that the lovely hostess did to make it so, I cry. I mean, I'm difficult at best to like. So, to like me and throw a party for me is above and beyond. I know how lucky I am.

Baby A got TONS of awesome stuff, and he was happily kicking me while we opened presents. He especially loved that everyone bought him a favorite book, and I think I heard him holla when we opened this.

I think that Baby A will be wearing nothing but a santa hat and coloring his new book for this year's Christmas card.


Blogger Nancy said...

Yeah, Kel, who knew doing laundry could be so exciting?? I remember those exact feelings from when I was sideswiped by my bad back. And my broken ankle. And my problems when I was pregnant with Dave. And each time after I was back up to full speed I thought back fondly to my "veg" time, until it was time to be on bedrest again. So I hear you. But so many extra days of growing for Baby A!!! Love you

6:12 AM  
Blogger Sewer Rat said...

HEY!!! I JUST LOST MY ENTIRE POST!!! WHAT KIND OF BLOG DO YOU HAVE HERE!!! IT MUST NOT LIKE ME!! Hardy har har! Anyway... We miss you and hope you are doing OK!Sorry we are not there to entertain you with wrestle mania 14...
Baby A - HANG IN THERE!!! There is NOOOOOO hurry to come and meet us! WE ARE CRAZY!!! Enjoy the little life you have going on in there... IT IS SOOO GOOD!!! We really are soooooooo freaking excited to meet you... but just WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK
We love you!!!

6:45 PM  

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