Friday, June 03, 2005

None of This Changes the Toilet Seat Thing

The doctor visit went well. Everything looked good, I've been feeling good, and I haven't broken any further toilet seats so far this week. I have, however, noticed a marked increase in the number of nervous glances I get when I use the bathroom at family or friends' houses.

At my next appointment, they'll repeat the fetal fibronectin and measure my cervix to determine if things are remaining stable.

Stable. Unlike the upstairs toilet seat at our house.

So it is all good news, and my Aunt Lynne is a genius which you know if you read the comments.

Now we're just looking for a baby book that is big enough to fit a broken toilet seat. Hmm, maybe we'll just mount it over Baby A's crib to memorialize a sweet moment of his gestation, or better yet, on the refrigerator door to remind me to NOT EAT THE WHOLE WORLD.

T totally thinks that the Toilet Seat Incident would have happened a lot sooner if he hadn't nipped the Frosting Situation in the bud. He hasn't said that or anything, but I KNOW THAT IS WHAT HE'S THINKING.


Blogger amywest said...

toilet seat or not, your still hot!!!!
eat all you want, baby!

4:26 PM  

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