Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Halloween

Johnny had a lot of fun yesterday handing out candy to all of the trick-or-treaters.

The Man of Steel and his daddy sat outside for awhile, showing off. We had tons of candy, queso dip for the grownups, and beer for ourselves. We ended up eating dinner with Princess Annelise, a scary T-Rex, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and all their parents. A dog and a pumpkin were supposed to join us, but their mother declared them "insane" and sent them to bed early. If I haven't said before how much I love my neighborhood and the people in it, I'll say it now. At the end of the evening, T dumped a huge load of candy into Jillian and Jason's bags, warning them that if anyone else came by, he'd have to give them a few pieces of candy but otherwise, they had won the candy lottery. Of course, 15 minutes later the doorbell rang and Jillian said "OH NO, more trick-or-treaters, I KNEW IT!!" In a very alarmed tone of voice. Luckily, it was just gram and gramp, and her treasure was safe.

I can't believe that it is November already, the days are all blurring together, in a mostly good way. Johnny fusses less and less, and shows us a little more of his personality every day. He enjoys watching his mobile, dancing with his dad, and listening to me sing scales. He tries REALLY hard to sing with me, scrunching his whole self up to get a noise out. It is hilarious. He does not enjoy baths, sleeping, his crib when it is not for playing in, the thing that sucks boogers out of his nose, having his nails trimmed, or sleeping. A week ago, he had his two month check-up, and was very disappointed that mommy and daddy let some mean lady stick him with needles in his very fat thighs. His displeasure was duly noted, and we felt his wrath for MANY DAYS THEREAFTER. We only have to do this a zillion more times before his 5th birthday. Awesome.

Sleep continues to be overrated as far as John is concerned, and at this point, the less we talk about that, the better. Someday, there will be sleep. In the meantime, there is beer.

Uncle Matt somehow managed to lure us into a bar on Sunday, ("...it's not a bar, it's a grill"), and I felt the judgement of hundreds of Bear fans for taking my baby to a bar. We left after three minutes because it clearly Was Not A Grill, and decided that Uncle Matt lies a lot. Johnny did however, spend those three minutes with a Chicago celebrity- so it was a big day of firsts for my boy.

On that note, I think I hear Superman stirring, so I'm off to find the kind of kryptonite that will induce sleep.


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Blogger Nancy said...

I'm so glad Johnny got out on Halloween to hand out the good stuff. And I can just hear Jillian when the doorbell rang! Your neighborhood is awesome, leopardskin thongs notwithstanding, and these are the good old days. Kiss those cheeks for me! Love you.
PS. That's not MY David with the sales pitch.

4:57 AM  

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