Friday, August 12, 2005

A Little More Action

So, I am dilating! My cervix was 1 centimeter dilated and 75% effaced at today's appointment. This is very exciting, unless my doctor was lying to me because she caught me crying in the exam room before she checked. Perhaps she was just throwing me a bone?

God, I hope not.

I don't think they need to weigh me anymore, though, you know? I mean, I weigh more than many professional atheletes at this point, and yes, I am specifically referring to this guy. What good can come of knowing how much I weigh at this point? Tears and a high blood pressure that needs to be re-checked before they let you leave are not good things, last time I checked.

We saw John via ultrasound today, which is always nice. I'm a little worried about his propensity to wave his penis around all footloose and fancy free, but I love my little flasher anyway. He weighs 6 pounds and 6 ounces right now. By my calculations, he should weigh fifty pounds, but we'll see who is right soon enough.

We made my final three appointments before we left today. We'll see if we need them all.


Blogger Lynne said...

I am so excited!!! If he's born before Frank comes out, I think I should trade places with Frank so I can see him - don't you???
So what did your doc say?
Oh, BTW, the scales in those offices are broken, so pay them no attention whatsoever.

Love, Lynne

8:12 PM  

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