Friday, September 28, 2007

The Difference

I got a new set of results today. They were good, great even. My progesterone had gone from 7.4 to 19.1 in 48 hours. I had one dose of prometrium in my system before the second blood draw, and I'd had my semi-regular acupuncture treatment the night before.

I totally credit the acupuncture.

I started treatment about 2 months ago, I think. My anxiety had ratcheted itself to an entirely different level, and having finally settled on a dose of Celexa that really seemed to work for me, I was reluctant to start messing around with meds again. I wasn't up for more talk therapy- though I love it and think it works- I just wasn't up for it. Acupuncture was a thing I had thought about trying, and after visiting my girls in MI I decided to seriously look into it. Now for me, "seriously looking into" something means that maybe I'll get back to it in six months or so. I think that would have happened here as well, but I went to playgroup a few days after deciding to do it, and lo! Someone brought up the subject of her fantastic acupuncturist. Easy. I got his number, called and set up an appointment.

I loved the actual treatment from the get-go. I told my mom after the first session that I hadn't felt my jaw unclench for nearly two years until that night. The needles don't hurt me, and it is one whole hour spent by my damn self which is magical. I will say that the first four weeks or so were tough. I was really crabby and tense between sessions, and thought a lot about quitting, as it seemed to be making things worse. But I stayed, and I'm so glad. I haven't had an anxiety attack since July. I haven't had a gallbladder attack since July. My periods were getting much more manageable. I started being able to sleep at night. My jaw stayed unclenched. I am different. Calmer. I have felt some nervousness regarding this pregnancy, but if I were going through it without the benefit of acupuncture I know that I'd be nearly non-functioning with the stress of it all right now.

I wasn't using acupuncture to get pregnant. But I do think that acupuncture is a huge factor in this pregnancy. I'm acupuncture's newest, biggest fan.


Blogger Lynne said...

I love acupuncture too! In fact, i was just looking for another practitioner who does my newest form of get-rid-of-my-stupid-disease therapy. My current one doesn't do acupuncture. Even my kids like acupuncture!
And wonderful news about the results. We're keeping positive vibes out here.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay needles!!!

7:47 AM  
Blogger Jason Karas said...

Oh, that was Claire...
Yay Needles!

7:47 AM  

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