Monday, July 25, 2005

My Three Blogs

My brother Matt is annoyed with the lack of recent updates around here. He thinks I should be blogging like crazy, what with all this free time I have. He thinks I should have three blogs, and at least one of them should involve Russian basketball league stats.

I think he should drink a tall glass of shut up juice, and start his own damn blog. I was going to write all about how I need three blogs like I need a third nipple, but considering what is to come, a third nipple might actually be a good thing.

Things have been pretty quiet around Casa A lately, I'm still working the bedrest, T is still working everything else in the world, with the help of our previously discussed awesome family and friends.

I did have to be taken off of the Brethine, a week ago today, in fact. My pulse kept hovering around 133 and 144, I swelled up like Violet Beauregarde, and began to feel like I was drowning every time I laid down. My doctor informed me that Brethine can cause preeclampsia-like side effects, and that if the breathing issue didn't resolve itself in two hours of every occurence, I would need a chest x-ray. It didn't come to that, thank goodness, and every day I'm off that awful fucking medicine I feel a little better.

This surge of crappy, medication related problems coincided with a visit from my college roommates. Good timing! Fortunately, it wasn't until the tail end of the weekend, so our fun was for the most part, uninterrupted. I remember at one point, they were upstairs, getting ready for bed, and I was downstairs all tucked in already. I listened to them laugh and laugh over something that they were talking about, and I kept thinking that all was right with the world. That this, their laughter, was all the medicine I needed. They didn't care that I had to be horizontal for the bulk of the weekend- they just wanted to be here, and it was awesome. They even ignored my little nervous breakdown before my first night out in a month. I missed them the minute they left, and can't wait to see them again.

Then there was another baby shower for the little guy. It was as fun as the first shower, and I didn't have to lay on my side! We had a really nice time, and were blown away by the generous gifts. Since T was there, a new record was set for speed in gift unwrapping. The man does NOT MESS AROUND.

And now I'm all caught up. I have a doc appointment on Thursday, and I'm hoping that they'll tell me to get up and clean my filthy house, already. I'll be 34 weeks. 34 WEEKS. I never thought I'd get this far! All this fuss, who wants to bet I go at least 7 more weeks?


Blogger Nancy said...

My bet is you're going to deliver about a week after your original due date (sorry, sorry, don't hit me with the tv remote!!!)

3:49 PM  
Blogger Claire...the Ann Arbor Hippie said...


- your laughing college roomate who LOVED to see you, too!

5:18 PM  
Blogger Sewer Rat said...

Give us an update paaa-leeeese!
;) Not that I don't know what is going on... but sometimes I get more info out of your Blog...
he he he

8:08 PM  
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