Friday, December 30, 2005

All Was NOT Calm. Liars.

Good riddance, Christmas! Don't let the door hit you on the ass!

I'm so glad it is over. I think Johnny is too, judging by the relative peace we have had in the past few days. I don't kid myself, I know he'll have me searching the skies for the answer to what is wrong now, dammit, any minute; but at present the boy is pretty easy to please.

We host a lot of parties around Christmastime- T's family on Christmas Eve, and my family either right before or right after and it is usually very enjoyable. This year? Not so much. Boyfriend does not like a crowd. He gets a little ramped up, then I get a little revved up, and one of us ends up wailing. This time, it was Johnny doing the wailing. He cried almost all night on Christmas Eve. I think it was about 3 hours after the crying started that his Aunt Lisa was able to sway him to sleep.

There is little worse than not being able to comfort your child. Not being able to do so in the company of your in-laws? Well, that is about as fun as having a colonoscopy while you wait in line at the DMV the day before you have jury duty. It took me days to stop twitching while remembering the sheer misery of December 24th. And the next time someone tells me that my baby is not calm because I am not calm, I will kick them in their fucking head.

Joy to the world!

The rest of the holiday revelry went a little better. Admittedly, the bar was set pretty low for the remainder of the weekend, but whatever, we managed.

Now it is over. Have I mentioned that I am glad?

Johnny was a very lucky little guy in the gift department- he now has more clothes than Paris Hilton and more toys than... people with lots of toys. Lucky!

Since the last update, buddy has rolled over, eaten cereal, and teased us with a few omigodhesleptallnights. He likes to happily scream at us, exersauce, gag himself on his fingers accidentally, and pee on me. Seriously? The last few times he has peed on me, he has laughed evilly afterward. He's so grounded.

Sometimes, he gets very serious as if he's working on his baby dissertation, or contemplating cold fusion. He's got the cutest think face you ever did see. Here, I'll show you:

Now, maybe it is just the resemblance to Einstein in this photo that makes me think he's all genius-y, who knows. Whatever it is, boyfriend is downright pensive occasionally.

Maybe he's just thinking how glad he is that Christmas is over. Whew.


Blogger Sewer Rat said...

He he he! He is so cutie! I am glad I learned his game today.
Happy New Year!

12:23 PM  

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