Saturday, January 14, 2006

Whoa. Woe.

Oh god.

We are all sick. T started it, with his big coughing and big fever and big runny nose. The baby fell victim next, and finally me.

It really sucks.

I mean, we're sick, whatever, but my baby? He shouldn't get sick! He should live in a beautiful, candy, bubble-gum world free of congestion and ear infections and coughing and ANTIBIOTICS. Antibiotics at five months of age? NO FAIR!!!!!! He has been a miserable person all week- running fevers, crying his fool head off, and just obviously feeling awful. His eyes run with tears even when he isn't crying, his nose bleeds from the dry air and all the nose sucking we have to do in order to allow non-mouth-breathing, and omigoditistheworstweekofmylifethusfarsincebecomingamom.

Also? The anitbiotics give him diarrhea. Fantastic.

Wish us a germ free near future, because we're dyin' over here.

Here's the buddy the day before the Ebola Virus came to live at our house. Isn't he cute? Don't you wish he wasn't sick?

Me too.


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