Wednesday, February 15, 2006

If You Give a Claire a Camera

She will take REALLY silly pictures. She will hope you don't see some of them until you are alone in the airport, making your son wonder why mama is laughing her fool head off at a little silver box.

Claire made me smile for this picture and everything. Then she told me she would explain later. Later, she told me that she wanted to remember this man's beautiful, silver mullet forEVER.
Here is Prophecy the cat. She will BITE your toes, man.

Here is the camera-stealer her ownself. It is funny to steal my camera and take silly pictures. It is FUNNIER to post the pictures on my website. I WIN.
Here are the remains of Claire's surprise birthday party. We informed her that we'd be having a surprise birthday party for her after dinner while we were eating lunch. She was SO SURPRISED!

More on the trip soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You WIN! You WIN!!!

- Claire :)

3:12 PM  

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