Tuesday, January 17, 2006

January Is The New November

The other night, when I was talking to S on the phone, I just lost it. I burst into soggy, snotty, heartbroken tears over the state of things in our house so far this month. I have to say, I'd like a do over on the whole Happy New Year because so far it is SUCKING. First there was the bird flu that we all managed to catch, then there was a whole job debacle that I'm not even going to get into here, and then I got called for jury duty, and they don't postpone your jury duty because you have a teeny tiny human being to take care of, did you know that? What does a person do? Take the teeny tiny human being with? Stupid January.

Anyway, while I cried on the phone, S reminded me about her yucky November, how she got so sick and the kids got so sick and it was the suck. But it ended, and she promised me that this too would end, and she is right. It is ending.

The boy is better, and after just one day of antibiotics I feel better and I think T feels okay too. We have been too busy surviving to have any heart-to-hearts about much of anything, which is something that I miss, but we'll figure it out. Who knew that one teeny tiny human being could ROCK A WORLD SO HARD??

This picture cracks me up. He's all, "You want me to sit WHERE now?"

But then he decides that he's willing to cooperate. Which is a smart move on his part, considering that we are the hands that feed, wipe the butt, pat the back and tickle the belly.

God how we love this teeny tiny human being. Even though he gave us bird flu.


Blogger Lynne said...

See, we leave town (thankfully before the plague) and all you-know-what breaks loose! Well, good thing Johnny is so cute. FYI, Brendan needs family pics for a computer class he's taking, and Johnny is making his debut at Dunsmore Elementary.


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