Monday, June 19, 2006

Better Than a Band-Aid


I have started and deleted thirteen sentences here, so far.

Sunday was my first truly wonderful Father's Day. First? Read this. Really, what a beautiful entry, and what a total 180 from anything I ever had.

My father, the guy who donated his genetic material? Not so much with the family devotion. To be fair, I had it better than most in a lot of ways because there is Paul who didn't have to love or like us, who was not related to us, but did both anyway. Paul takes the step out of step-dad. I admit, though- reading Christy's entry does inspire a certain yearning in me that I long to get over, and may never be able to.


There is T. There is this person who loves our son so totally and tenderly that I feel old scars and scabs fading all the time. Who heals me by virtue of being everything I imagined a father should be to his child. I could go on, but words can't ever do justice to the amazing relationship between my husband and my son. My heart, my world, and now... my classroom.

I love you, T. Johnny loves you, too. Happy F#$%*n' Father's Day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aww, Kel. How sweet. You are right - T is a great dad - it's so apparent to anyone who knows him. Isn't it amazing how our children can heal us?

Happy Father's Day, T!

8:10 PM  

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