Monday, June 26, 2006


Johnny sees you!

As predicted, I have totally forgotten there was any kind of life before crawling. It seems that I've always been chasing John around, deflecting his fingers from light sockets and just generally playing baby defense. He loves cords, lifting the corners of our area rugs and dirty shoes. Safe AND hygienic, that's my boy!

We've done some babyproofing and continue to evaluate our surroundings. The thing is, while I don't want to say no all the time to what is totally appropriate, curious behavior, I also don't want to change every aspect of our home. I know that Johnny needs to learn how to play in a 3-D world, but does it have to contain only soft items with no edges? And by short-cutting the situations where I'd be forced to say no, do I ensure he'll be playing in the oven the minute I turn my back?

Parental philosophical dilemmas are so boring.


Blogger Uncle Mit said...

The little guy hit the stroller with gramma yesterday and came to see myself and great-grampa playing Gin. While grabbing for the cards and sitting in my lap he turned my luck around for the game. He is one cute little noodle, wait till he starts running.

8:18 AM  

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