Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fives are Twos

I think 30 Rock might be my new favorite show. I like Tina Fey as Tina Fey, but I will watch her as Liz Lemon without too many complaints, really.

And we all KNOW that if there is complaining to be done, I am usually willing to do it.

Last Friday G came over and we hung out for awhile while she crocheted awesome scarves for homeless people. I admired them pretty enthusiastically I guess, because she tried talking me into taking one. And while I have no problem bitching about my new windows or the fact that I can afford to both work out and stick my kid in "Kids Klub" at the same time, I draw the line at taking scarves from the necks of people who live outside in Chicago in November. The depths I will plumb are pretty low, but COME ON.

We also watched Friends with Money and I have been wondering if I act a little too much like the Frances McDormand character ever since.

Then on Tuesday we met Claire in Michigan City, to do a little outlet shopping and catch up. Claire has been talking about us doing this for a while, and I'm so glad that we finally did- it was great to see her and little Miss JD. We had fun and exercised our adventure muscles by making the trip! The Hanna Andersson outlet is brilliant, both for the clothes and the train table that Johnny and Joie had some much fun playing with. Claire also takes the prettiest pictures:

I would love to show more, but they are too awesome for blogger to handle efficiently. Alas.

Race cars are wild, and fives are twos! Happy Thursday.


Blogger katie said...

All the way to the N.B.C.

I, too, am loving the 30 Rock. Alec Baldwin is absolutely killing me. Favorite new show, hands down.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shortly after I saw "Friends with Money" the first time, I was in Old Navy, very close to having a tantrum, and only that movie saved me from embarassing myself!

I have picked out some yarn to make you your very own, not for homesless people, scarf :)

10:48 AM  
Blogger Knock Up said...

"We will all be reporting to him, or dead by his hand."

"Your shoes are bi-curious."

He IS the funniest Baldwin!

G, I'm so excited for my non-guilt-inducing scarf! A tall order, I know.

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, K! It was soooo great to see you, too! I love that boy of yours!!!

1:36 PM  

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