Friday, October 20, 2006

Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Regarding yesterday, someone just slap me, okay? GOD.

INJURY REPORT, 10/19/06:

Yesterday, we took Nona to the doctor. Johnny was SUCH a good boy, crawling/walking around the office while being as quiet as toddlerly possible. In the office there were two round tables, about 2 feet tall that held magazines. They were marble topped. John was cruising around them, going back and forth between them when he bit it and landed cheek first on the marble edge of the table.

Yikes. He was pretty bummed out for about 5 seconds, and spent the rest of the day looking like he had a wire hanger wedged in his mouth. His cheek was puffy, red, and sort of pointy. Now there is a bruise that makes him look like a TOTALLY GOTH baby who sports black blush. Luckily we have the playgroup Halloween party on Saturday, so perhaps I'll dress him as Robert Smith, rock.


My mom bought Johnny this mirror/ball/hammer dealie a while back and he loves it. So far it has exceeded the shelf life of most of his toys with the exception of his baby iPod which he loves and will sit and play with for minutes at a time much to the dismay of my ever present pounding headache. Loud toys=awesome. Both toys are Parents brand, maybe it isn't a coincidence. Anyway, the mirror toy is the best I have found that even the big kids love it.

Satisfied customer!

Okay, I have to go get us ready for school/the elliptical. I'll spend this hour NOT feeling sorry for myself, I swear.


Blogger Nancy said...

Thanks for dinner! And I'm so excited that Johnny pointed during Papa Papa!! I didn't realize that he didn't do that; he looked like an old pro. He is absolutely gorgeous and so so smart.

8:19 PM  

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